A Manifesto

Literally every single job on earth is becoming more automated and standardized by and using computers. That’s the economic growth the dotcom bubble mistimed.

Many of the systems being built to replace existing processes are crap, though. The problem is that programmers lack deep knowledge of the processes and the process experts are clueless programmers.

I believe THE economic story of our times in 100 years will be the flourishing of programming skills, which maybe should be called something else.

Think of it this way: some people probably call a plumber to unclog their toilets, I suppose, but most will roll up their sleeves and grab a friggen plunger.

Computers are about enhancing productivity. The more control people can learn to have over them, the more productive they’ll be.

I look around my own company and see low-hanging productivity-enhancing fruit all over the place. The barrier isn’t technology, it’s human capital.

The most valuable skill one can develop is an understanding of computers. This statement will one day sound ridiculous.

The day will come when people will be as appalled of computer illiterates as they are of adults that can’t read or count.

The day will come when every single non-menial job will involve managing a computerized process.

The day will come when advanced programming technology and increasing aggregate programming skill combine to make programming ubiquitous and invisible.

The best companies of tomorrow realize this today.

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