I read somewhere once that all of the gold reserves in the world could fit inside a normal-sized suburban home. So let’s test this:

There has been 165,000 tonnes of gold mined in history.

A tonne (metric tonne. Which is actually a megagram) is 1,000 kilograms.

A cubic meter of gold weighs 19,300 kg.  165,000 * 1,000 / 19,300 gives us 8,549 cubic meters.

How big of a cube is that? The cube root is 20.43.

So a 20m by 20m by 20m cube would do it.

Ok, let’s say the average house has two floors and 2,000 square feet total. That’s 1,000 per floor, which is 92.5 square meters per floor.  Let’s say there are 2.75m ceilings. This gives us a cube of roughly 10m x 10m x 5.5m

550 cubic meters. Not even close.

You’d need more than 15 houses to do the trick.

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