More Steve Jobs

I’ve waited to post this because frankly I was bored of the whole Steve Jobs tribute thing. I made my play for eyeballs and it worked on the day.

I read Pete Warden’s blog, which is excellent, and he contributed this bit to the Guardian following Steve’s death:

Several times he never even got as far as showing off the features we’d been slaving over because Steve would immediately focus on a bad visual element in the interface. Whether it was an ugly button, a mis-aligned font, or a control panel with too many buttons, we’d never recover. All our work under the hood meant nothing, he had seen enough and we’d failed.

Very very very very important point. The most important thing I’ve yet read about Jobs.

I have the same issue with my weekend project. I am very proud of the code I’ve learned and built, but the thing looks like a piece of garbage and so IS a piece of garbage.

Never lose sight of what matters. CEOs (bosses in general) might be frustrating creatures because they have laser-like focus on some small aspect of your work. But that’s probably the only part of your job that is at all useful.

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