On Siri

Neat article. Everyone who uses Siri suggests that it’s awesome and can do things for you that you don’t feel like doing for yourself. I look forward to using something like this someday.

But I actually find that the simple tasks that Siri will be good at are things that are getting easier and easier all the time, anyway. Maybe finding a restaurant was a pain 20 years ago but how revolutionary is it that she can save me the few seconds it takes to google something?

Most people don’t live in Manhattan where they want to find a new restaurant every week. Most people stay where they live and are perfectly happy about that. Early adopters, worldwide jetsetters and technophiles are a very small minority, folks. Siri remains unproven.

When Siri can find me a new apartment or book me a holiday at my exact optimum combination of cheapness and niceness I’ll be impressed. Those are the things that feel slow and stressful and time consuming to me today.

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