Today In Things I Don’t Understand

Emacs, the development environment for gods.

Here is xkcd:

I find myself completed fascinated by computer programming. I admire people who are awesome at it. I follow the culture. I’m desperate to learn it.

I code in just about every waking moment not explicitly devoted to something else. I still lead a life, of some sort (wife, exercise routine, job), but few hobbies: the odd boxing match (5%), my blogroll (10%), this blog you’re reading (5%) and programming projects (80% of my free time). I am so frustrated with myself for not learning this years and years ago. Here I am in my 30s and scratching the surface of something immense. I will never be good at it… Never.

So. Emacs. I’ve read about. Heck, I even downloaded the thing onto one of my computers and completely ran aground. “You see, chortles the silverback neckbeard, real software isn’t ‘INSTALLED’ (*spits*), it’s compiled… AFTER editing a few non-trivial text files to suit your system’s specific requirements. If you can’t handle that…”

Pathetic, he whispers dismissively, turns and waddles away.

THAT’s Emacs. That’s the C library for XML processing I strangled my mind with the other day. Heck, that’s just about everything you do with C, which I’m desperate to learn but simply cannot see how I do that without spending months of dedicated evenings/weekends studying it. I have too many priorities. I have too little time.

I feel stupid every single day.

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