Tiiiime to Pivot!

The ‘pivot’ is when a company with lots of human capital and a strong enough culture figures out if it’s done anything interesting yet. Mozilla needs to pivot. Here are some quotes:

From Marco:

Most Firefox users don’t know how the company pays its bills. The majority of its income — about $100 million annually — is from Google, who pays Mozilla for using Google by default in the stock homepage and built-in search box.

And this:

When the original three-year partnership deal was signed in 2008, Chrome was still on the drawing boards. Today, it is Google’s most prominent software product, and it is rapidly replacing Firefox as the alternative browser on every platform.

Uh oh. Would you subsidize your most important competitor?

I wouldn’t, which suggests that Mozilla needs to find some mojo pronto. I fled to Chrome for speed reasons 8 months ago and don’t expect to return.

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