Today’s Links

Late night at the office, so while my simulation is spooling up I thought I’d bestow some links upon my readership:

Paging Robin Hanson: Romney watches Intrade:

“If you get on Intrade, Romney has a 73.8% chance of winning the Republican nomination,” Hillsdale College Professor Gary Wolfram said, referring to the popular gambling site which lets users bet on the nomination. “If you really start looking rather than at polls put out by newspapers, if you look at people that are actually looking at this with their own money, he’s in very good shape.”

Interested readers should go here. Obviously this view is fairly self-serving for Romney. Momentum is a well-known self-fulfilling prophecy in politics and any positive spin will be shouted from the rooftops.

That being said, this view confirms my bias, so I’m posting it!

(hat tip to Dane-o)

Tyler Cowen asks Why So Little Money in Politics? Academic literature, not fire-breathing polemics.

Cringely reports Youtube’s big content producers are seeing less hits. Why? A spam-blocking algorithm keeps their stats unpadded. Not surprised. I figure about 85% of the measured visits to this site are complete BS.

Finally, an outstanding metaphor for imagining the speed variation among different computer functions. (these comments have more)

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