Job Training

There has apparently been a decline in on the job training:


My hackles are raised.

In my world, the average employee is much, much more skilled today than even when I started 11 years ago and this has nothing to do with formal training. I am defining skills as using technology to get jobs done.

And we aren’t just more skilled, we are required to be more skilled. There is a lot of survivorship bias in what you observe today. Not everyone made it.

So more skills but less formal education. What gives? One key maybe is that training on the job is much easier than it once was. Wikipedia, open offices, small teams. All favor smaller increments of learning in the key moments when something needs to be achieved.

Cheaper, more effective. A better way of learning, to me. But not measurable, so no articles celebrating its effectiveness.

2 thoughts on “Job Training

  1. I learned how to code in SQL and VBA simply by using Google. Interestingly, many times Google would complete my question for me, leading me to beleive that others were learning in precisely the same way.

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