Well, Google went and did it

Google has built its insurance aggregator.

Insurance aggregators are no new idea, yet many note that Google has carved out an excellent business in the airline aggregator business and expect them to do the same here.

Sure, probably. But I’d say Google’s business model is half of what it should be. The real quirk in the insurance business isn’t that it’s hard to find the best price for your auto insurance. It’s that staying at the best price requires switching fairly frequently and that is costly. Good risks don’t think too hard about their insurance too often and that lets insurers crank up the prices slowly. All insurers make their money on renewal business, not on new business.

If Google wanted to really shake things up they would build an aggregator that would notify you immediately as soon as another good deal comes up at your renewal. Increasing churn would hurt the giant auto insurers and benefit consumers.  Until insurers react, anyway.

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