Things I Like To Say

*If It Isn’t Communicated It Doesn’t Exist*
Call this an epistemological theory of business. No idea exists unless it’s discussed. No action is complete until you talk about it. No deliverable matters without a communication component.

*Every Problem is a Communication Problem*
My favorite because it’s wrong so it’s a bit jarring. Here’s a corollary: every problem can be solved by communicating more. I like to say “when you’re stuck, think first: ‘who do I need to talk to to solve this problem?'”. One of my mentors had only one solution to any problem: pick up the phone. Genius.

Now, it IS wrong, of course. Somebody has to do the work at some point. Maybe a better way of putting this is that only the easiest problems require real work. Everything else is solved by communicating. Communicating takes hard problems and makes them easy problems, which can then be solved with easy work.

All solutions worth the name are elegant and simple in retrospect. And if you communicate consistently and effectively you’ll get to that simple solution faster. Any domain: sales, financial analysis, teaching kids, physics research, everything. No hard problem ever been solved in a social vacuum.


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