Things I Like To Say

*Communication doesn’t need to be pretty to work*
I envy people that aren’t scared of failure. I’m terrified of it. By far my biggest personal flaw is the fear of feeling stupid. It’s doubly destructive because it’s a communication-related phobia. If I was scared of heights or turtles or something I could easily just avoid the triggers and get on with my life. But *I* get saddled with a fear of using the most powerful tool available for human achievement (communicating). So much of my life has been wasted in over-preparing myself, over-training myself, overworking myself to build this unassailable wall of expertise only so I’d feel comfortable communiating more. Even typing this out I shake my head in disbelief. Fool.

Anyway, the point here is to keep your eye on the ball. Very few problems involve communicating for its own sake. Really you’re communicating to get something done and you really can overcome confusing, awkward communication with communication quantity. You’ll get the right message across eventually, just keep pumping away.

*[Stolen/Adapted] Communicating is what the listener does*
This is from Mark Horstman of Manager Tools (if you haven’t heard of Manager Tools drop everything and download and listen to those podcasts). I like it because it’s also wrong and thought provoking. The point here is when I say communicate above I don’t mean blabbing away at people. You need to listen to learn. One-way communicating is absolutely worthless, I cannot emphasize it enough.

*Relationships are the sum of all communication*
Simple enough so I’ll draw out another idea: not all channels are equal. If communciation is flow of water, text based communication is a trickle, phone calls are rivers and in person meetings are Niagara Falls. When I say communicate more I mean, to extend the metaphor, douse the sucker with water. Let’s say your problem is a llama. Takes lots of texts to soak a llama, right? Now stick it under this…


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